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"Mr Big" Helps Solve Missing BC Mothers Fate After 21 Years

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

Kamloops Supreme Court: September 7, 2021

In May of 2000, 27 year old Angel Fehr, seemed to vanish. Her boyfriend Trent Larson told police she ran away.

This week, twenty one years later, Trent Larson plead guilty to manslaughter for killing his pregnant girlfriend, Angel Fehr, and hiding her body in a barrel filled with concrete.

The 54 year old was originally charged with second-degree murder after he confessed to an undercover RCMP officer.

Trent Larsen, Facebook

Larson, a resident of Kamloops at the time of the crime has been sentenced to 11 years behind bars. Angel Lyn Fehr was 27 and five months pregnant with Larson's child at the time. She was also grieving the loss of one of her daughters, who had recently died in an accident. Angel Fehr's disappearance had remained a mystery until 2019. It was then the RCMP major crime unit successfully obtained a confession. The RCMP had targeted Trent Larson in a "Mr. Big" undercover operation. Larson confessed to the crime and coverup to an undercover police officer he believed was a gangster, September 14th, 2019. Larson was arrested and charged with second-degree murder the next day at his home (Chasm) near 100 mile house. He remained in custody

Angel Fehr and her two daughters. RCMP Handout

Angel Fehr was last seen by her family on Easter April 2000 in Abbotsford. Court heard Fehr was intoxicated at the family gathering, demanding to be taken somewhere she could buy drugs. Both Fehr and Larson are alleged to be drug users.

Larson had told family she had run off while he was serving a week in jail for traffic violations.

She was reported missing two months later by her aunt. After the confession to the undercover RCMP officer the barrel containing Larsen’s remains was recovered near 100 mile house. DNA confirmed the body was that of Fehr and her five month old fetus. No exact cause of death could be determined. Trent Larson never took the stand but a joint submission from his lawyer Troy Anderson and Crown prosecutor Neil Wiberg revealed Fehr was strangled with a lamp cord at their Kamloops home on May 2, 2000, during a violent domestic dispute.

The court heard that on May 2, 2000 Larsen awoke to find Fehr threatening him with a large knife because she didn't think he was listening as she described her grief over the recent loss of her daughter. The submission stated Larsen was stabbed several times while trying to disarm his pregnant girlfriend by hitting her with a lamp. Eventually, Larsen wrapped the lamp cord around Fehrs neck resulting in her death. In the submission, Larson claims he tried to revive Fehr At some point, Fehr's body was put in a barrel filled with concrete and buried near 100 mile house by Larson. B.C. Supreme Court Justice B. Brown heard Larson's lawyer argue he did not intend to kill his girlfriend and later made an unsuccessful attempt to revive her The Crown asked B.C. Supreme Court Justice B. Brown for an eight-year prison sentence for manslaughter and an additional three-and-a-half years for indecency to a human body. The two terms are to be served consecutively. Troy Anderson, Larson's lawyer said his client feels tremendous remorse for the offense and has carried the guilt with him to this day Larson pleaded guilty to the lesser charge of manslaughter. B.C. Supreme Court Justice B. Brown accepted the joint submission on sentencing stating “These are very tragic circumstances,” “I’m certain they were driven by alcohol, drugs, and mental illness.”

Larsen has been in custody since the arrest. Taking time served into account he has just short of 9 years left to serve in a federal institution.

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