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Milk "Dumped" as Shortages Continue

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

High flood water on the Sumas Prairie has left the BC Milk Marketing Board no option but to advise some Dairy farmers to dump milk. It is not clear how many farms this will affect, but the bottom line is trucked goods can't get to farms to pick the milk up.

It depends on the breed but a modern dairy cow can produce as much as 30 liters of milk every day.

Suddenly stopping the milking can have serious life threatening consequences for the cow. Her udder will swell, causing infection, pain and may prevent her from lying down. Some cows must be milked three times a day.

This leaves no option for dairy farmers except to continue milking, even if the milk has to be thrown out.

"We are working with producers on the relocation of animals and other arrangements where possible"


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