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Fire in Illegal Trash Heap Threatened Polson Park

Updated: Apr 1, 2023

What looks like a popular spot for illegally dumping garbage is the subject of a Vernon RCMP investigation following a suspicious late-night fire in Vernon.

Not only is Illegal dumping a significant environmental and public health issue, potentially causing pollution, harming wildlife, and spreading disease, illegal trash heaps are also a fire hazard.

Shortly after 11 pm on Wednesday, March 8th, Vernon Fire Rescue received reports of a fire near Pottery Road and Polson Drive on the south side of the train tracks.

The fire appeared to be in a sizable trash heap filled with various types of rubbish, including household items and furniture.

When emergency responders arrived, the fire had begun to spread to nearby trees. This was of particular concern as the trees of Polson Park were just meters away on the other side of the tracks.

Fortunately, Vernon Fire and Rescue extinguished the fire before it could spread further.

If you have any information regarding the fire or any suspicious activity in the area around the time of the fire, the RCMP would like to hear from you.


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