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"Global warming is killing everything. This is such a sad scene" VIDEO

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

William Housty, conservation manager with the Heiltsuk Nation posted those words on Twitter after viewing a video showing hundreds of dead salmon on the dried banks of Neekas Creek.

A recent Twitter post bt @williamhousky said:

"This is Neekas, Heiltsuk Territory. All of these salmon went into the creek, the creek dried up b/c of no rain so far this fall and just died, and this is just one reach! Global warming is killing everything. This is such a sad scene."

The Southern Coast of British Columbia has seen unseasonable high temperatures and low rainfall this October. Water restrictions are in effect for communities like Sechelt BC.

The Sunshine Coast has seen no significant rainfall since before August.

Environment Canada precipitation records for Sechelt

- 2018 September 118mm October 69mm

- 2019 September 5mm October 88mm

- 2020 September 65mm October 94mm

- 2021 September 153mm October 265mm

- 2022 September 4mm October 0.0 mm

August saw 3.1mm of precipitation. July 25mm was the last significant amount of precipitation

The video of the dead salmon was taken by German researcher Sarah Mund who has been working with the Heiltsuk Nation since approximately 2019.

Mund expressed interest in environmental and cultural issues by posting to EnviroAnt in December of 2020.

EnviroAnt describes itself as an organization that focuses on the intersection of anthropology and environmental issues.

From EnvironAnt:

"Environment is a key topic with a long history in anthropology. For example, classic cultural ecology focused on the relationship between nature and culture, nurture and nature, and human adaptation to the environment."

EnviroAnt is a German organization that describes itself this way.

"The EnviroAnt Network was founded in 2018. It provides a platform for exchange for those involved in teaching and research in environmental and ecological anthropology."



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