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Flooding Hits Parker Cove, Okanagan Lake Community

Residents of the Westside Road community, Parker Cove, were awakened early Tuesday morning after Whiteman Creek burst its banks flooding many homes.

At least a dozen homes were surrounded by fast moving water. The residents rallied and built a wall of sandbags in an attempt the limit the damage.

Their heroic efforts were partially successful. Nevertheless many are unable to return to their homes until the water subsides.

Warm weather melting mountain snowpacks is being blamed for the high water flow

Ministry of Forests has issued a flood and high streamflow warning for Whiteman Creek.

Sunny warm weather is predicted until a possible cooling trend starts Thursday. That change may also bring rain to some regions.

Ministry of Forests estimates Whiteman Creek are are likely in excess of 10-year to 20-year flows.

Officials are reminding the public being near riverbanks, creeks and fast-flowing bodies of water is dangerous:

• Stay clear of fast-flowing rivers and potentially unstable riverbanks

• Avoid recreational activities such as fishing, swimming, boating, or hiking near high

streamflow rivers or streams

• Remember, high streamflow can easily trap strong swimmers, increasing the risk of drowning

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