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Farmers Almanac Predicts Upcoming Winter

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

If you live, work or play outside, weather can be a big deal. If you are a farmer, growing crops or raising livestock, it's especially true.

That brings us to the Farmers Almanac. For the last one hundred and three years, the Farmers Almanac has provided long range weather predictions based on a mathematical and astronomical formula conceived by its creator, the mysterious David Young.

Little is known of Mr. Young, The Farmers Almanac website says he was born in New Jersey in 1781 and lived until 1852. The site says he was a poet, teacher, and astronomer. The publisher claims the formulas created by David young can predict weather up to two years in advance.

The 2021-22 edition of the Farmers Almanac is out and so are the predictions.

According to the publication, we can expect Mother Nature to deliver a pretty average winter. The Canadian Farmers Almanac says snowfall this winter will be at normal or slightly below normal levels from coast to coast for most of the season.

The West Coast can expect January to start out wet, changing to storms and snow near months end.

The beginning of January will be a touch milder than normal for Eastern and Central Canada but will get colder near months end.

The Farmers Almanac predicts the beginning of February will be less severe across the country. Quebec to the Maritimes can expect only half the precipitation of January.

The end of February is predicted to be very cold for the Prairies and the Rockies. BC won't be as cold but it will still be a little cooler than normal near month's end.

The Almanac also predicts a cold end to February for parts of Quebec and Ontario

March weather is predicted to be pretty much normal across the country.

Overall winter’s temperatures will range from near to a little below normal for the east, and pretty much normal across the west.

The Farmers Almanac is a fun read. It is on bookshelves and available online.


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