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Dump Truck and Semi Collide Highway 1, Tappen

At approximately 10 PM, May 7, 2024, a woman reported a collision between a dump truck and a tractor-trailer on Hwy 1 on the Trans Canada Highway near James Road.

The highway was closed in both directions for approximately one hour.

According to RCMP, both drivers were taken to a local hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

Collision Between Dump Truck and Semi Hwy 1
Collision Between Dump Truck And Semi Hwy 1

In a press release, RCMP say dash cam footage they obtained showed the tractor-trailer heading east, obeying the speed limit while the westbound dump truck is seen approaching the tractor-trailer and suddenly turning left in front of it to enter a construction site.

RCMP issued the driver of the dump truck a violation ticket for driving without insurance and crossing a double solid line.

Police remind drivers that if you are operating a vehicle that you do not own or do not regularly drive, you are still responsible for ensuring the vehicle has active insurance.

 Dump Truck and Semi Collide Highway 1 Tappen
Location of Collision

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