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Coquihalla Highway Opens to Automobile Traffic

Good news for BC drivers. As of January 19 2022, Non Commercial traffic, IE you and me, can use the Coquihalla highway 5 once again.

The Coquihalla/Highway 5 was closed to regular vehicle traffic on November 14th after more than 20 sites along a 130-kilometer stretch were damaged or destroyed by historic heavy rainfall.

More than 300 workers using 200 pieces of heavy equipment toiled around the clock opening the Coquihalla to commercial traffic. The stretch of mountainous highway opened on December 20th, almost a month ahead of schedule.

During that 35 days more than 400,000 cubic metres of gravel, rock and other material were moved.

There's still lots of work left before the Coquihalla is 100% restored.

Many of the repairs are temporary. Drivers traveling on the Coquihalla can expect travel-pattern changes and reduced speed limits, with the trip between Hope and Merritt taking about 45 minutes longer than normal.

One thing remains normal, high mountain winter conditions. The Coquihalla may be closed on short notice if weather conditions warrant it.

If you're driving an electric vehicle be warned. Charging stations along the route are still not operational.

That means there are no charging stations between Hope and Merritt.

Winter-tire and chain-up regulations are in effect


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