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Caravan Farm Theatre Experience

Updated: Feb 6, 2023

Caravan Farm Theatre

We recently visited the Caravan Farm theater located at 4886 Salmon River Road to take part in an outdoor version of an old Christmas classic.

The performance was a version of It's a Wonderful Life, called Joyride by the outdoor theatre.

The unique aspect of the Caravan Farm Theatre player's rendition of the play, besides being outdoors, is that the audience sits in one of 8 sleighs that are pulled by a team of horses from "set" to "set".

It's a fun and rewarding experience that takes about an hour.

The audience experience begins around fire barrels in preparation for a chilly sleigh ride. Bring a blanket if you chill easily. Then you're off to meet the players.

Eight performers make up the troupe, their character for each performance being picked out of a hat by a member of the audience.

Once on the sleigh, we wound our way along a narrow trail under snow-covered trees to the first set. A familiar one for most, George Baily looking over the rail of a bridge, regretting ever having been born.

The story has been updated. The players sing contemporary songs between characters' dialogue, the audience joining in at times while the 16 large horses snort and pound their hoofs.

After the ride was over we warmed ourselves at the fire barrels while sipping a cup of hot chocolate.

A good time! Sorry, no pictures were permitted during the sleigh ride.

Kid-friendly, COVID rules apply.

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