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British Columbia Removes COVID Mask Mandate

Updated: Mar 23, 2022

The Province of British Columbia has followed several other Canadian provinces and removed the mask mandates effective March 10, 2022. The vaccine card is still required.

Hospitalizations have decreased as have deaths with COVID.

Henry said seniors continue to have the greatest risk of illness or death from COVID but those numbers have come down.

Henry says wastewater levels of COVID-19 virus have also been coming down steadily.

At a press conference from Victoria BC, the provincial health lead said COVID numbers have not come down to zero, and we're not out of this yet, but,

As of 12:01 March 11

- The face-covering mandate is being repealed

- Long-term care visitation is being restored

- Faith gathering capacity limits are being lifted

- Overnight child and youth camp order lifted

Proof of vaccination will still be required for visitation to long-term care homes as will rapid tests for entry.

Some settings will still require a mask, IE health care environments.

Dr. Henry said even though the mask mandate has been lifted, some businesses may continue to require people to wear masks. She asks that British Columbians respect those wishes.

Guidlines for children's have also been revised. Masks will no longer be mandated for K-12 students returning from Spring Break.

Looking ahead, starting Friday, April 8th, the BC vaccine card will no longer be required and workplaces will transition from the Workplace Safety Order to the Communicable Disease Plan.

The guidelines may change if conditions warrant.

Federal Guidelines are still in effect were applicable.


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