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Heavy Rainfall Prompts Concerns Along Coquihalla Highway

Coquihalla Highway, BC - December 5, 2023 - 4:55 AM PST

In a weather alert issued early this morning, residents and commuters along the Coquihalla Highway, from Hope to Merritt, are urged to exercise caution as heavy rain persists in the region. The downpour, anticipated to continue until this afternoon, has prompted concerns about potential flooding and landslides.

Meteorologists predict total rainfall amounts ranging between 60 to 80 mm, increasing the risk of local flooding and landslides. However, there is some relief in sight as the heavy rain is expected to ease into showers later in the day.

Authorities are cautioning drivers about the unpredictable weather conditions in the mountains, which could result in hazardous driving situations. Those planning to travel along the Coquihalla Highway are advised to check road conditions on for real-time updates.

Residents are strongly encouraged to stay vigilant and monitor alerts and forecasts provided by Environment Canada. Any individuals encountering severe weather conditions are urged to report them by sending an email to or by using the hashtag #BCStorm on social media.

As the situation unfolds, local authorities and emergency services will continue to closely monitor the weather and respond to any developing challenges. Commuters and residents are reminded to prioritize safety and stay informed about the changing weather conditions in the area.

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