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BC Transit Cancels All Bus Service

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

November 7th:

Black ice forced BC transit to cancel all bus services in the Prince George Area until traction sand could be applied to road surfaces.

Black Ice or Frozen Rain on a Prince George Road this AM

Last night, rain fell over many northern areas freezing once it hit the ground, creating treacherous conditions for both motorists and pedestrians.

Freezing Rain on a Prince George Vehicle this AM

Conditions also prompted a warning to stay home and off the roads from the RCMP in the Prince George area. Some employees were even been told to come into work not until conditions improved.

There have been multiple reports of traffic accidents from Prince George to Merritt to Sicamous this AM. Winter has arrived.

Tappen bridge west of Salmon Arm on highway #1 was closed because of a serious accident involving a semi. Several people were taken to the hospital with unknown injuries.

Another accident near Griffin Lake, between Sicamous and Revelstoke, has knocked out power for homes in the area.

There are many more accident reports.

Emergency crews were kept busy this AM.

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