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3 Dogs and 6 Puppies seized at North Okanagan Property: SPCA

December 22, 2022

The BC SPCA seized three adult dogs and six puppies from a North Okanagan property Dec. 21. The animals were allegedly housed in substandard conditions, having to endure freezing temperatures.

Two Golden retrievers and six puppies were reported to be in the uninsulated basement of a building on the property.

SPCA constables also say

they rescued an Australian shepherd that was tethered by a chain to a wall in the same basement.

Outdoor temperatures in the North Okanagan have dipped as low as the mid -30s in some areas.

The nine dogs and puppies are now in SPCA care. They are not yet available for adoption.

You can donate to the SPCA directly through the SPCA website


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